Plastic Portable Wardrobe (4C)- Black


Plastic Portable Wardrobe (4C)- Black

KSh 11,499 KSh 8,000

  • Spacious
  • Strong structure
  • Easy to lock
  • made of resin panels, an environmentally friendly material
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Easy to set up
  • The organiser is made of PP plastic (sheets) and ABS plastic (connectors)
  • Description


Plastic Portable Wardrobe (4C)- Black is large enough to fit folded clothes as well as heavy outfits. The cubes vary in size with the deeper ones having the capacity of between16 and 20 shirts. You leave enough space for other things such as handbags, shoes, and toys. The frames are made of steel making the portable closet both strong and durable. The cubes can hold a maximum of 22 lbs of weight. The ABS connectors make strong joints hence you do not have to worry about wobbles.

The shelves have magnets within the interlocks, which make it easy to lock them. They are so tiny such that they do not interfere with the space of the cabinets, but are efficient in holding the iron frame firmly upon closing the door. The portable clothes closet is made of resin panels, an environmentally friendly material –free of methanol or any other chemicals.

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